ONS Stavanger

Hotels for ONS 2020
31. Aug - 03. Sep 2020 (Stavanger, Norway)

Don't hesitate, where and how to book your hotel, check with us. It is all in the details. Share your thoughts and get our offer. We take pride in holding space locally, when hotel availability is limited. Whether a couple, a dozen or more rooms necessary, we will take care. If you can't find where to stay, that's not a reason to give up going to Stavanger. If this is your first booking in Stavanger and you you want everything to go smoothly, we will look for a close or easy access to Stavanger Forum If you are planning to visit ONS - Offshore Northern Seas Conference and Exhibition, make sure you don't forget to check our inventory first.

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Trade Fair Visit is not a regular Business Trip. You still need a Flight Ticket and if lucky you chose from two or more air carriers. Transport is bookable the same way, no matter if it is a Train or Car hire or a Transfer. Travel insurance is nowadays just a click away, but here comes the difference – the Hotel accommodation. You check a few online accommodation web sites, but the same hotel you booked last time is either much more expensive or not available. EXPOROOMS constantly monitors the hotel rates and availability during the busiest Exhibitions and Fairs. We do not promise to cut the regular hotel rates twice, what we deliver to our clients are the best available hotel offers that the fair host city hides.

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EXPOROOMS is NOT the official organiser of ONS Stavanger in Stavanger.
EXPOROOMS is NOT sponsored, affiliated or endorsed in any way by the official organisers(s) and does not make any arrangements on their behalf with respect to booking accommodation. For detailed information or questions related to ONS Stavanger and its organisers please visit the official website of ONS Stavanger or the website of the organiser.


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