UR Expo - Unattended Retail Expo Shanghai

UR Expo - Unattended Retail Expo 2018
Next edition in 2019


Highlights of UR Expo 1. Based on the successful experience of the first conference, UR Expo 2018 will be co-sponsored by Unattended Retail Branch of CCAGM & Self-service Retail Branch of CCAGM;
2. Leaders from related Chinese and foreign governmental departments will be present;
3. Global leading enterprises in unmanned store business will come to China to present a 360-degree
analysis of the industry for their Chinese peers; 4. Over 500 global press and 300 investment institutions participating;
5. Unprecedented professional equipment for unmanned store + innovative approach to data marketing;
6. Exploration, cases, and future market of unattended retail;
7. Strategies for unmanned stores in different areas under different environment, circumstances and facing different consumer groups;
8. Evolution of supporting equipment for unmanned stores and their providers;
Scope of UR Expo
Unattended retail terminals:
1. Unmanned retail stores/convenience stores and unmanned entertainment and recreational services (mini KTV, cinema, gym, massage chair, and billiard room), unmanned restaurants/cafes, self-service laundry, and other convenient services;
2. Intelligent vending machines (drink dispenser, integrated machines, convenience cabinet, coffee maker, meal machine, self-service dispenser);
3. Open shelves and office retail services.
Unattended retail technology and products:
1. Visual image recognition, biometric identification, object tracking, and related AI technologies, settlement purpose recognition and transaction system, e-tag, RFID, self-service detecting and tracking system, commodity information collection system, QR code, bar code, video security solution;
2. Digitalized store, intelligent shelf, intelligent cabinet, intelligent shopping cart, intelligent package, service robot, fast packaging facility, entrance and exit equipment, container box; 3. Intelligent cashier, automated settlement, and related currency solutions; related printing technologies and consumables;
4. Big data analysis, consumer image sketch, IOT, block chain, voice assistant, customer perception, commodity perception, and traffic analysis. Products and supply chain services: All kinds of fast moving consumer goods (including food, drinks, alcohol, agricultural products, and fresh food), articles of daily use, cultural and creative products; commodity delivery and equipment. 5. Others:
Professional supporting services, space design, scene design, training, media, recruitment.

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UR Expo - Unattended Retail Expo

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