PULIRE Verona 2021 General Information & Accommodation
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International Fair for Production and Delivery of Professional Cleaning Services

The area which PULIRE lays on is estimated to be more than 40 thousand sq. m. It was the year 1982 when PULIRE took place for the first time. Today it is on a two-year rotation. The focal points of the event are Detergents, Cleaning Agents, Cleaning Supplies, Cleaning and Maintenance and Cleaning Technology. VeronaFiere is stage for PULIRE. Verona is a nice place, but while there for business, the location matters most for quality time. This is the reason for better situated hotels to have higher rates during fair periods. We could be able to sort out the accommodation for PULIRE even if you are traveling тхе next day, but we recommend you avoid stress and plan ahead.

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