MBE - Motorbikeexpo Verona 2020 General Information
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MBE - Motorbikeexpo

MBE - Motorbikeexpo

MBE - Motorbikeexpo Verona

International Motorcycle Show

MBE - MOTORBIKEEXPO was opened for the first time in 2009 and up to date, it runs every year. Apparel, Clothing, Motorcycle Tuning, Spare Parts and Motorcycles are some of the subjects, which will grab the attention of the audience. The place to go is VeronaFiere in the town of Verona. All people in haste will find it more convenient to book accommodation closer to the fairgrounds. Hotels far from fair are interested to sell cheaper rooms to balance the inconvenience that transportation to fairs causes. MBE - MOTORBIKEEXPO is slowly approaching, If you still don't have a room, you are cutting it close and we would welcome your inquiry for the best available hotel rooms in or even out of town.

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